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The False Ideal

A late contribution to the March Challenge The lady had great joie de vivre -

A bundle of fun, plus loads of charm.

All in their way, near the ideal -

But when misused, great sources of harm.

They stood her well throughout her life,

Made her popular and socially adept -

But also got her into scrapes.

When they occurred, her parents wept.

For popularity came too easily

(Sociopathic trends?)

Did not take friendships seriously,

Made use of others to gain her ends.

Yet charm was part of her attraction And helped surmount her fear and despair.

Even when she had terminal cancer,

She acted as if she hadn't a care.

But few attended her funeral.

Recalling her at her best, the parson spoke of

'Charming jokes'-

But others recalled vitriolic jests.

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