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The Beautiful Cruel

Some love burns so bright it's destructive. Some find a love so perfect, so fierce,

and yet circumstances mean it can only ever be an 'if only'. These are the thoughts

behind the following, written for the challenge. Sonnet 32 - the beautiful cruel

For our twilight time, sing our saddest song,

of these our summer dawns and morning mist

words telling of that which cannot be wrong,

our make-believe place of the Angel's tryst;

where the darkness long is only our night,

and early sun has been our closest friend

where one day alone falls before our sight

and love's beyond the beat of a heart's end;

we by silvered webs as dew-fall caught

'til this perfect first swiftly burns to slip,

to drop, to nothing but precious time sought

this the sweetest nectar share sip by sip

that others may speak of the Love-blind Fool

says they do not know the beautiful cruel

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