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Painted Ponies

Gathered upon and

about steps polished

almost to ghost by

the Brothel-creepers,

Oxfords and plimsoles

of tribes, they slouch,

and lean in a parody

of serpentine allure;

these men-still-boys,

tough, talking up their

side stall prowess;

Of course they're

waiting to go on the

horses for the girls,

what better way to

collect stories of kisses to tell,

than say you enjoy the carousel.

but upon the backs

of peel-paint ponies

as the faux gilding

adheres to the huff & wheeze

of wurlitzer notes, and hands

tighten their grip with

the gallop, as rainbows

roll and wrap like

the sea, they wear

the secret smile of

knights, Princesses

and Childhoods.

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