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I fell in love with a manhole cover

Updated: Apr 30

It's a feeling, a state of mind

As I leave my PD at Heathrow

The rising sun, my new found lover

I fall in love with a manholes cover

So much here I want to know

Everywhere you discover tranquility

Look and you will surely find

A roof top garden where children play

A hidden shrine where people pray

You just relax, explore your mind

Toil and labour with devotion

Gardens constantly attended

Cherry blossom a spring time crown

Oh so brief, then to the ground

Like life itself. It's time has ended

Lying still it makes no sound

The Japan's, a new found destination

Food an artistic treat

Nourishment a culinary delight

A thrill to taste, eyes to delight

Consume it's beauty as you eat

The days pass easy, drifting by

Too soon the time has gone

To yourself a promise, you'll try

As you say a last goodbye

Remember this paradise you've stumbled on

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Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Apr 20

Japan! Wonderful, as is your poem. You seem to be in that state of 'magical thinking' (like a heightened mindfulness) where you open to all and everything. Folk in that state of mind have no problem gathering inspiration. Pleasure to read Keith.


The Japanese have a way of adding beauty to even the most mundane items. You captured that trait. The title is a bit X rated, but the poem is PG. Guess my mind was in the gutter.

Replying to

It is the mundane items that are turned into beauty and, as an example, manhole covers everywhere are pieces of art. Hence the title Alice 😇😊


and I fell in love who your poem. What a delight, thank you for sharing Keith.


I would love to visit japan, this little poem delights the senses.


Sounds like your trip is a treat for the senses and the mind

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