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Winter. November challenge

Looking up at the breaking morn

For the orange globe on high

But my hopes were all forlorn

Only darkening clouds held the sky

Ymir’s brain in angered quest

Tried to blank out Sunni’s bequest

That made the plants and animals strong

And feed the clan, for a winter too long

Munna, was blind to it all

Baldr’s warmth with Hela dwelt

Woden’s riders ranged the sky

Asking all the world to repent

The dew that came was proof of tears

Hela would have to yield, no fears

But one old hag refused to cry

And all creation demanded why?

That hag had loaded Munda’s dart

Baldr’s bane his brother threw

The hag was Loki, in shifted shape

His jealous mind, had grown to hate

So when the sun does not appear

And sunshine can be seen nowhere

Just remember who was the cause

Loki, the father of Fenrir’s jaws

But that is another tale

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1 Comment

Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Nov 07, 2023

As different as always Colven, and different is always good for me

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