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Wild Horses

A ‘Vignette’ that’s been left in my ‘Work in progress’ file, I looked at it again and finally decided it was a poem, a piece complete. Sometimes these short poems form a larger piece. It’s born out of the ‘doomed Romance’ phenomena. In this case a Movie about two from different social classes, who, although their hearts were entangled in a love most rare, could for many reasons never be together. The title is taken from a fave song of mine by the Raveonettes.

We of the ocean's might

racing into rise and fall,

foam flecked, are born

from the savage breaking

of waves;

we two, we wild horses

desperate to break the

cruelty of circumstance,

to run, to be, to be us;

yet ever will we crash

at full stretch tumbling,

against each other and

into the fizzing waltz

of the soft tide:

taking us into a dark,

that blackens a shade

more each time we

lighten a shade with


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