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Watch Time Pass

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Throughout the days of our short lives We hear expressions wise Of Earth’s display of wondrous scenes Unfolding before our eyes. Time has a meaning of its own, It prompts the mind to make Sense of life’s propensity To choose the best path to take.

Time to be born is the first event,

Time to enter our Earth.

This is the one and only time That is shaped before one’s birth. At first a child has no idea Of the concept ma by a chime. Clocks have no meaning, until time comes. When his life will be ruled by time. There are calendars, diaries, set times, set hours For work, for joy for tears. These times, embedded in everyone’s youth Extend into twilight years. Watches will call with a constant bleep- bleep, At times that are set in advance. There are timers to warn us, to light up and call us To wake up - not merely by chance. In music there’s common time, triple time, swing, Keeping rhythm in check, so all move In unison, clapping our hands to the beat, Feet on tthe ground, in the groove! The sages of the past have versed Words that will last for ever. Time flies; Save time; A stitch in time Saves nine; It’s now or never! PpThe early bird catches the worm, it’s said; And, Never put off ‘til tomorrow Things that you know should be done today, For time is not something to borrow. It’s all a matter of time, say some, who look to a future event Not knowing what will be, or could be, or should be: Time is not ours to prevent. As time marches on we hear phrases galore, Time keeper; half time; time share; Dinner time -tea time: Time gentleman please; Time will tell; mark time, time to bear. The seasons are constantly plotting our lives, Some fixed by convention, some change, Controlled by the moon, which itself follows time As the earth’s path it ever will range Man, too, has a real part to play in the game Of Time, as In Spring, he takes British Mean, And adds to it one whole hour each day, more sunlight will be his to glean. I haven’t got time say the people who try To avoid things that might cause them strife, But if they are honest they’d have to agree, Time’s the only thing certain in life.

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Unknown member
Sep 05, 2023

Time matters. Very good


Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Aug 27, 2023

Time - something precious that money can't buy. Good poem.

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