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Two Also Rans...

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

…that gave birth to ‘Honestly

The Tip Off

The only vamp, short jazzy snips,

some moody blues as improvise,

though impromptu will not surprise,

a drag artist with tip to lips

and not beholden - as thought fit.

So what assumed, identikit?

And of whose body, language lured?

As hard as nails and manicured?

In the palm of her hands her hit?

Now what else in prelim report?

His mother harsh, so she’s revenge?

From where I stand, she asked for it.

So she’s the one with past to fit.

And he’s a Brother, so avenge?

Now what else in prelim report?

As for forensics, know the score,

resources, staff, so just abort,

the boss upstairs says keep it short,

and whistle-blowing, not for whore.

Now what else in prelim report?

Her siblings? Sister, on the game,

so says sergeant - his, wink, the sport,

no liaison - family sort,

so done, dusted - you know the frame.

Now what else in prelim report?

She died of jealousy, allure;

some wife was proved her femme fatale,

our casual curl of fingers gal;

It was that jazz that finished her.

But where is that, final report?


She’s yet a teen of Nico’s strain -

her father owns the county lines -

but knows to score, must hit on bull,

so blows the smoulder ash in rings

with darting eyes and measured pace -

no point in fling that misses mark -

she’s not for corner floor, discard.

Their eyes have met, play hard to get,

she seems indifferent to his style,

but notes hid whisper to his mate -

though doubts enforcer’s epithet.

He’s courteous with due respect,

invites her, join boss table set,

but this first round, so she declines.

The waiter brings the best champagne,

with compliments of table nine,

where he is waiting for her glance,

a subtle nod across the space -

it seems round two has all to play.

She’s wined and dined, best restaurants,

obsequious all maîtres d’.

She’s always brought to front of queue,

resentment in eyes following,;

a price to pay as bossman’s girl,

both social whirl and Coventry.

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Jon Best
Jon Best
Aug 06, 2023

Masterful story telling


Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Aug 05, 2023

Brilliant! A cornucopia of thought and feeling, each a thread woven to tell the tale

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