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Trick or Treat

As the darkness of night descends

Strange little creatures stir in their dens

Not badger or fox, or even an owl

It’s the sound of small humans scurrying around

So lock all your doors, and windows too

Tonight is the night, they are coming for you

Little devils and demons with red faces and horns

Groaning zombies, clothes blooded and torn

Vampires in capes, with razor sharp fangs

and an insatiable thirst for your blood

Witches and warlocks casting their spells

With empty cauldrons for you to fill

So if at your door a Pumpkin you’ve placed

An invitation to all you have given

Soon they’ll be knocking or ringing your bell,

Shouting “Trick or treat or you’ll go to hell “

So you’d better be ready and quick on your feet

Tell them a “treat please”, then offer them sweets

Tell them a “trick please”, who knows what they’ll do

But remember these monsters were invited by you

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Unknown member
Nov 05, 2023

Enjoyed your reading of this the other night.

"small humans scurrying around" is perfect


Debbie Dalton
Debbie Dalton
Nov 02, 2023

Just lovely, so descriptive

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