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Spring is almost here...


And suddenly Spring…



And suddenly,

Spring turns up on day;

not unexpectedly, of course,

but it was a long time coming,

with winter dragging its feet in the mud.


And now the mind’s shutters are flung open-

ambition, ideas, plans, hope flood in,

like spilt sunlight,

sweeping aside pale, encumbered thought,

bathing the senses,

singing, singing, singing

of worlds spread out before you,

where all seems possible,

dancing, dancing, dancing

into boundless sun-drenched fields,

the fragrance of new-mown grass,

the colour, the light, the birdsong,


for a few moments.



 © David Urwin

A single Narcissus


A single Narcissus stem

pulsing to open the perfect,

pristine bud,

just sitting waiting,


all the unhurried day,

as I rush out in the car,

bustling to another busyness,

time’s hectic captive;

but wondering, all this time, when

the bloom will open up

and how,

and why then.


Science, perhaps, would tell me;

yet is not the heart content

to enfold and hold

at least a little






© David Urwin 2015


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Love the idea of accepting the unspoken mystery. Oh to have a pristine narcissus that my dog hasn't wrecked!

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