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Some Days

Some days I want like to curl up small like a ball.

I would roll up tight. Coil around my soft insides

and only offer my back, knees and elbows to the world.

And I would be impenetrable.

Some days I want like to lie out flat on the cool ground.

I would spread myself out until I was so thin –

I would be transparent like the wings of a dragonfly.

You could walk over me with out noticing.

Some days I want like to whirl like a hurricane

I would spin faster than the Waltzer at the fair

I would be a blur of colours sucking up everything in my path

And then I would spit out a rainbow.

Some days I want like to howl and yowl like a wolf at the moon

I would to bellow till my belly bursts and my lungs tear apart

I would wail, shriek and screech like a banshee

And break the sound barrier with my noise.

Some days I want to stretch my limbs until they are like pins

I would extend my arms until they were so thin they could pierce skin.

I would be an untouchable, spikey thing

and I would spear everything in my path.

Some days I want to lie out flat on the cool ground

I want my belly to touch the earth and feel the worms wriggle

I would dream of warm summer days and cold winter nights

and I would be at peace.

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