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it was a monday morning

Time for laundry to be done

Half asleep wilt the program set

I loaded up the drum

Setting it off it starts to fill

And then it will rotate

I make myself a cup of tea

But my phone I can't locate

I searched everywhere, like all blokes do

Couldn't think where it might be

Upstairs , downstairs, in the fridge

Then this thought just dawned on me

A banging noise from the machine

As it washed at 40 degrees

I could see my phone tumbling around

Now feeling weak around the knees

Thinking of what I had done

Stupidity, never mind the cost

And as the program started to spin

My phone , I knew was lost

With heavy heart I opened the door

It won't make anymore calls

There lie my gleaming Samsung S20

Resting quietly among the smalls

But much to my surprise and shock

The screen lit up and showed the clock1

I took it out and checked the weather

No clouds, it was all day sunny

And better still was the thought

It wouldn't cost me any money

So Iphone or android, which is best

Well if you could see my face

As i caressed my gleaming Samsung

Say no more, I rest my case


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