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In my book Positivation I dedicated the pages to a very special 15 year old Ben Thirwell. Unfortunately he has recently passed over,, so this is for him, a lost talent

An open book, infectious smile

A rollercoaster, mile after mile

Hidden talents, lurked within

So much promise, that did not begin

For many years we failed to meet

Not by design, life is that way

Then the Fates declared we should greet

For both of us, a happy day

I saw so many things in you

That were also inside me

And I doubt not that my memories few

For the rest of my days will stay complete

So please don’t fill my grave with tears

Let happiness be your souvenirs

Let my forebears hear me come

Let me arrive in raucous style

Or remember me in a favourite song

Fast or slow, none are wrong

The melodies those songs will bring

Will become mine, for I will also sing

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
Dec 30, 2023

Beautiful words


Unknown member
Dec 27, 2023

Nicely done, Colven


Jarlath Busby
Jarlath Busby
Dec 22, 2023

A nice tribute. Sorry for your loss


Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll
Dec 21, 2023

beautifully written

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