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Rite of Passage- August Challenge

Rite of passage

Everyday I wake up

Put on my make up

Unruly hair put on straight and narrow

All the boys feel cupid’s arrow

I pull on my favourite dress

Royal feelings little Princess

For a brief time my body I own

As I blossom life forecloses its loan

Expectations of display

Body a toy others to play

Eye candy for older boys arm

He is a loser I mistook for charm

As I dream and feel the bliss

Imagine my first true loves kiss

Instead my body fondled and groped

Romance not there as I hoped

Instead a mitten for clumsy fingers

Still feel a shudder that lingers

Virginity prised but not valued

Prey to be hunted sexual food

Blossoms now ripe for plucking

Predators gather for first

Time to confess now

Hid in my mind somehow

As my womanly flower blooms

Coerced into bedrooms

Their loving experience informed by porn

Affection wanted instead clothes torn

Fetid smell of bad hygiene

Do young men hide stilton in jeans

A femme fatale but fatal for who?

Male fantasy that females will rue

We need to reboot

We need to refute

Men and women together we must regroup

But until then we travel the same loop

Imaginary goddess the role model

Feet crushed in high heel hobble

A life sentence to wax and vain

Shave, epilate hairless remain

Beauty dripping from head to toe

Life’s Pageant everyday on show

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