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Parsly, Sage, Rosemary & Something else

New year has come and gone

So what's my contribution ?

Maybe to have more fun

And that's my resolution

Time to start

The years have gone

I reminicse

Where I lost and where I won

And all the girls that I have kissed

Time flies

A boken heart, a long lost love

A memory you can't forget

The time you spent so long apart

Saying goodbye to your favourite pet

Time heals

These winters last too long

All this inclement weather

When will we see the sun

It just goes on forever

Time drags

My pen runs dry, I wonder why

Is it poets' block ?

I sit and try, then give a sigh

It comes as quite a shock

Time to stop

Nothing to do with the title but it was the catchiest thing I could think of :-)

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Loved the rhymes and flow of the poem.


Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Jan 08

Bravo! Nice play on words, sentiment, I like, thankyou!


Unknown member
Jan 08

I thought the title was to make it seasonal ! 😁

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