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Parkinson’s Awareness

Those of you who’ve known me for more than twenty years Will have noticed many changes most severe. We all have aged, that’s normal, that all grow old is true"

But I’ve changed more than most, that’s very clear. The reason is that Parkinson’s has taken hold of me And robbed me of a life that was so dear. I am dependent on my drugs, without them I can’t move

With them I can manage to get by.

Reactions are not instant as my muscles don’t respond,

I cannot rush no matter how I try.

My face has no expression, it’s now a mask like gaze,

There is no more a twinkle in my eye.

I’m often criticised for taking too much drink, Folk pass me by and keenly they will stare. They think I am an idiot, they do not realise That my thoughts remain the same, I’m still all there. I wish I could speak out loudly, to raise my voice to tell How Parkinson’s does so many lives impair.

I cannot write at all, I cannot even sign my name,

This makes me feel so very,very sad.

I cannot make a phone call or discuss a topic new,

My speech is so unclear, it’s very bad.

These things make communication quite a chore,

They are problems that I wish I never had.

Have you ever seen a person trying to cross the road Looking as if he’s had to much to drink Or a lady struggling at the till to take money from her purse, Her embarrassment pushing her to the brink? Maybe you’ve been forced to stand a long time in the queue When a woman in front has movement out of sync. Instead of making her feel much worse if you glare at her and sigh You could show to her the better side of you. You could empty out her trolley giving her the chance to pay The chore’s then done more quickly, thanks to you! As you reflect on the day that’s done, you’ll wear a smile so wide, Your action was the best thing you could do.

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Dawson Stafford
Dawson Stafford
03 Αυγ 2023

A brutal yet honest take on life with Parkinsons. Your voice may be week but your words are loud!

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Valerie Bowden
Valerie Bowden
04 Αυγ 2023
Απάντηση σε

Thanks for your comment. I believe feedback, whether positive or negative is the most useful means of encouragement to write more. This is what I like about this website: it gives a platform for writing which hitherto was not aired.

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