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Out of the blue diagnosis

So, there it was, out the blue

I was diagnosed with Pd at ripe age of fifty-two

It is hard to tell when it all began

 has your family noticed any difference?

Short attention span?

What? Slow down Mr.GP

I only came here with a trapped nerve!

Was my plea

This is something I certainly want to swerve.


Because you are so independent

You will struggle with this

Try not to be full of resentment

And fall into an abyss

 everyone gets depressed

We can give you lots of pills

Before you get distressed

Slow down, Mr. GP

I can do without these Halloween thrills.


But remember the midnight hour

In nine years and one

All meds stop working, pretty much hit and run

On that joyous note, the room I departed.

Sat in my car and looked straight ahead

Feeling faint and downhearted.

In my ears, GP’s Halloween tales

As painful as a chalkboard and fingers nails






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Brings the memory of diagnosis day all back.


We all remember our diagnosis day!

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