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Our Country is in Crisis

When I turn on the news,

it’s a grim time indeed.

Political turmoil.

Political greed.

No trust In the government,

no one’s fit to lead.

It’s all personal achievements,

power and greed.

While their voters are bleeding,

from poverty wounds.

With no food on the table,

and no fuel for their homes.

The medical service is under duress,

eight hour waits for emergency tests.

We call on the phone to see a Gp,

your call is important, you are caller 23.

Then offer you an appointment in a week or three.

As for the MPs, I’m quite sure they go private.

It’s a different world, that they just do not see,

It’s champagne and caviar, they’ll eat for tea.

Information only

Rishi Sunac net worth £730 million

Elizebeth Truss net worth £8.4 million

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