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Old Set

Who is it (how?), hears verse these days,

save that it is on ITV,

or Channel 4 - sure, everywhere

the advert jingle, heard once more,

some duly rhymed, if rhythm forced,

just like the ditty, greetings card,

a sampler, poor in that regard.

It unwraps also in street art,

the rapper known for open mic,

where, yes, the beating art takes all,

in metred line, assumed passé.

So how do we, with poor entrée,

transfer our skillset to the stage,

so folk take note where genre at,

and benefit what we enjoy

when most in verse hit a brick wall?

At least the advert, mortar scene,

rings freely, as the billboard sings,

and where I was, inheritance.

Published by Medusa's Kitchen, March 2023, as Ars Poetica

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2 Kommentare

John Dallison
John Dallison
19. Apr. 2023

😀 Brilliant, ironic exposition, Stephen. It says it all!

Gefällt mir

Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
18. Apr. 2023

Brilliant sir! Stephen, you echo my thoughts and inner wranglings.

Gefällt mir
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