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Ode to Dyskinesia

There’s nothing quite like dyskinesia It’s like a movement amnesia.

The waving of head, the twitching of arms It’s really not one of my elegant charms

The brain is a very wonderful thing. Mine is selective in what it can bring,

It just needs enhancing to stop all this dancing.

The dopamine levels all vary and then the movement’s quite scary.

I shimmy and shake. But just by mistake.

It makes me quite shy, and then when I try

To talk in the group I’m out of the loop

My volumes too low and I wanted to show

I was part of the chat, but no one hears that

My speech is now fading, I need it upgrading

The process is slow and I want you to know

I’m as sharp as I was and it’s only because

There’s a gap before speech when the brains out of reach

Its like there’s a filter when my thoughts out of kilter

By the time It’s selected the words are rejected

The topic has changed my response would seem strange

It’s slow and it’s hard to play the Parkinson’s card

It’s not for faint hearted your brain has departed

From normal responses and your only conscious

That it’s not the same which is quite a shame

But friends are the key they get used to me

I’m happy enough even though it is tough

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