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My Current Obsession by M S from East Sussex

I’m writing this poem,

To help me explain,

How PD medication,

Has effected my brain.

I need medication,

To keep my symptoms at bay,

But it’s making behave,

In an uncontrolled way.

I can buy many things,

I already possess,

If I try something new,

I start to obsess.

It started the day,

I read my old poem,

I’d write just one more,

But I’ve just kept on going.

There’s only one way,

I can write and can see,

All of the words ,

That keep coming to me.

I must use the words,

To tell a story that rhymes,

Use a number of verses,

That all have four lines.

I just know to write quickly,

And the words seem to flow,

How this all happens,

I’m not sure that I know.

I woke early this morning,

Pointless knowing the time,

These words were all with me.

They just needed to rhyme.

This may be the day,

I may like it or not,

That after this poem,

My brain tells me to STOP.

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The words invade us at night

With our mind that silence refreshed

And we write wanting to wake up the world

Lending it our gaze

Of multicolored filter



Las palabras nos invaden de noche

Con nuestra mente que el silencio ha refrescado

Y escribimos queriendo despertar al mundo

Prestándole nuestra mirada

De filtro multicolo


Dawson Stafford
Dawson Stafford
Apr 06, 2023

Love this one 💗. Short lines and concise bang on the money!


Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Apr 06, 2023

Indeed! Easy to read and nailed the subject


Stephen Kingsnorth
Stephen Kingsnorth
Apr 05, 2023

That's probably why PD poets write on the wall - it's a better obsession than most we encounter!

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