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My Current Obsession by M S from East Sussex

I’m writing this poem,

To help me explain,

How PD medication,

Has effected my brain.

I need medication,

To keep my symptoms at bay,

But it’s making behave,

In an uncontrolled way.

I can buy many things,

I already possess,

If I try something new,

I start to obsess.

It started the day,

I read my old poem,

I’d write just one more,

But I’ve just kept on going.

There’s only one way,

I can write and can see,

All of the words ,

That keep coming to me.

I must use the words,

To tell a story that rhymes,

Use a number of verses,

That all have four lines.

I just know to write quickly,

And the words seem to flow,

How this all happens,

I’m not sure that I know.

I woke early this morning,

Pointless knowing the time,

These words were all with me.

They just needed to rhyme.

This may be the day,

I may like it or not,

That after this poem,

My brain tells me to STOP.

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