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My Choice

Updated: Apr 23

As a regular guest

You arrived unannounced

Something anonymous at first

and provocative later

You told me to treat you

With VIP status

Because I had put you up

And you were never going to leave

I remember you telling me

Face it

I caught you

Laughing your head off

With your Joker face

I'd been feeling for a while

Something wasn't right

My body's responses

They came after the beat

I was losing my writing

My balance in general

I was dominated by fears

When I recognized you in me

That happened two years ago

You chose me in Uruguay

I think you thought that here

You would have no opposition

But you missed it

And I tell you

Now I'm running for office!

I'm from the flowery tropics

Daughter, mother, wife and more

Who goes through life

Following the voice of God

I met you twenty years ago

Through my dad

You showed us your power

But you brought us closer together

Your adversity was a school

Of strength, attitude and faith

Fertilizer of that path

Sown in my heart

Today I look at you with respect

From a good position

I have at my hand resources

that make me smile

My heritage, history and present

Give me angular vision

With no limits to barricade

Any option against you

Now I see you from afar

The trapped one is you

My freedom is still intact

Even in spite of you

And from this perspective

I respond to this invitation

To make you a poem

With my uniqueness

I am a transplanted tropic

On the shores of the Mar del Plata

That sowing there its roots

New branches saw light

Grafts of an immigrant

Who tries to bring color

And if she only has grays

She shades them with the sun

I am a tireless fighter

Mr Parkinson sees it

I am pain, cross and passion

Wanting transformation

I am a story of courage

Resilience and daring

A present that transits

Between verses and agonies

An unfinished poem

What is called Freedom

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