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Mind Searching by Val Bowden

My mind is never still: it’s like a whirlpool.

Writhing, spiralling, circling;

Making dizzy one’s thoughts, reflections,

ones calculations and decisions.

The mind is never silent, it’s like the thunder.

Deafening, instructing, chastising;

Prompting the soul to obey its commands:

To conform, to capitulate.

The mind is never resting.

It’s like the mighty sea;

Moving, forcing, pounding,

Laying down and cutting out.

The mind is never peaceful, it’s like a storm.

Frightening, raging, damaging;

Breaking the peace of one’s contentment,

Facing doubts and sometimes fear.

The mind is never senseless, it’s like rock.

Learning, teaching, deciding.

Forcing out inconsistencies,

Building on strengths that lie untapped

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