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Hair of the dog

Curtains exposing, as the day was exploding

Sending blinding lights through his brain

Trying to make sense, of the awful mess

He found himself in yet again

Nothing he could do, as one drink became a few

He gradually began to drown

History repeating, regurgitating, retreating

He couldn't keep anything down

He rested his head, in a cheap motel bed

Wishing he was back at home

Blood shot and bleary, and oh so weary

He scrabbled for the telephone

Filthy and yellow, he was a lily livered fella

After a night on the tiles

The urgency of addiction, habit or affliction

Hypnotising hallucinating smiles

A quiff of gin, a glass of whine

Required to restart his senses

Ordering more, a knock at the door

Completes the circle of excesses

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