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Green is Lost

Green is lost

I walked alone through unlit streets

With only the sound of my dragging feet

Echoing off the cold dark walls

Of another suburban conurbation

Soon all that’s green will be consumed

And all our beloved towns will be doomed

Then just one name will be needed

The city of Great Britain

New build housing,

They say it’s a must

Soon all our green land

Will be just brick and dust

As quickly as they can build these new houses

People move in with their children and spouses

Not sparing a thought for our lost community

And blind to those people living in poverty

Houses now built

The consequences show

The infrastructure strains

Did they not know?

The traffic becomes horrendous

The roads just can’t cope

The GP’s surgeries and Hospital’s

Are already stretched to the end of their ropes

So where does the money come from

To buy up all this lush green land

Maybe from the government’s

Corrupt and greedy back hand

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