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Give me an hour


Hold wide the night sky,

I may wish upon a star?

Perhaps my passion is make-believe,

a cartoon parade, or a masquerade?

Slow burns the silence as embers

never to fire and be done, but ever

to smolder expectancy unto ash;

Give me an hour to hear

the faint footfall of my

waking self and I'll

pretend once more.

As promised, this is the poem from which the challenge came from.

Originally a PD poem, I suddenly woke up to the fact that there's

suffering and pain everywhere, some that may seem trivial compared

to pd, but to think like that is to lose our humanity.

The point of the challenge is to demonstrate that the mantra

'you don't have to 'get' what the poet means. You can just find your

own way in.

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Martin Pickard
Martin Pickard
24 במאי

there are so many ways into this - beautifully complex in its simplicity

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