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Fuzzy Foggy Flatline

Fuzzy Foggy Flatline


Apologies if this perverse verse offends lest

It fails to pass the bawdiness Bobbies’ test

Bawdy, lewd, crude or just plain absurd

Censorship surely is the worst C-word


I digress, the nurse set my timed cognitive test

“Give me the words you can think of starting with F”

My wife chipped in as my mind started to stall

“Fuck, fanny and fud, you’ve not mentioned at all”

Though the nurse smiled at the input of my dear’s

I blushed at affronting such tender young ears

Still my heart warmed as my brain starts to ail

How my wife couldn’t see me, what’s the word….Fail

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Fantastic fun effin exellent.


Fun frivolous and filthy :-)

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