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fighting is for losers

if having parkinson’s is a “fight”

(as many have declared it is)

then parkinson’s is mike tyson at his

ferocious merciless most virulent peak

and I am a clumsy dumpy untrained

handcuffed blindfolded stiff-wad

wearing a tee-shirt with the words

hit me on the front and

harder on the back

and before the fight

tyson was told i bragged

“i’m gonna make that boy my bitch!”

so parkinson’s will always be champ

and i am the bullied meatsack painbody

left for lumpy dead in the ring

“fighting” is a fucking useless metaphor

should be retired forever!

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Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
May 11, 2023


I read this piece on facebook Wayne and was delighted to find it here also, and I must say it hit me again but in a deeper, more profound way, thank you.


Unknown member
May 11, 2023

I love the images you create. As great as it feels to climb a mountain with the “Rocky” soundtrack in mind. But think of that “bullied meatsack painbody” you sometimes are, and tell him he lost the fight…

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