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Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

I walk alone

Once Tactile partner

No longer touched

I do, I did, he stopped

I walk towards him

And I smell his teen spirit

Dripping with angst

He will offer his inexperience

I walk towards him

My little black dress

Flows with undue grace

Matching the sway of my hips

I walk towards him

His excitement beckons

As his knees weaken

His heart quickens

I walk towards him

Implacable and composed

Pursing my lips to a thin smile

Seduction step by step

I walk towards him

His eyes sees through

Mind unshrouds fantasy

Desire burns his fear

I take his hand

And guide him to the bed

Leading an intimate dance

To its premature end

I hold him

Binding his confusion

I slip away before

Reality musters the truth

I pick up my dress

Draping deceitful flesh

With a marquee garment

I walk away from him

He lies content

Released as promised

Skin shines with sweat

I walk away from him

Did I take advantage?

Have I used him?

Am I a giver or taker?

I keep walking

His Femme Fatale

His first lover

A crushing irony

I pause

Moment of infidelity

Honeymoon a forgotten dream

My roleplay his reality

I walk away from my husbands nursing home

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Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll
Aug 20, 2023

Most of this poem is hot and steamy -- for mature audiences. Th last line is a surprise and twist. It's hard to believe I have the audacity to make a suggestion to amend a poem already written better than anything I could do. My suggestion is to change the last two lines to read

My roleplay; his reality

a nursing home.


Darrell Troon
Darrell Troon
Aug 12, 2023

Well written complete with twist


Well that was a surprise! Great imagery.


John Dallison
John Dallison
Aug 09, 2023

I also like it, Jon. It makes one perceive the complexity of 'seduction'. Also, sexual relationships of most kinds are seldom simple!


Stephen Kingsnorth
Stephen Kingsnorth
Aug 08, 2023

Very clever! I like it!

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