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Dream Theme

The wonderful poem about dreaming beans got me thinking about the weird dreams that Parkinson's inspires. Not sure I should own up to this- another occasion I think I should have used a pseudonym.

Dream Theme

Last night a dream woke me up with a jolt

I’m running like the wind, sprinting like Bolt

My legs won’t stop, going ever faster

I scream, fearing impending disaster

Does that mean I’m headed for a fall?

It’s a recurring dream that I’m able to fly

A snowman in the air, soaring sky high

My tremor starts with the cold as it snows

Shaking out my coal eyes and carrot nose

Does that mean my future is abominable?

My wife dreamt she was dancing with Elvis

Cheek to cheek and pelvis to pelvis

Though she maintains its me she’d still choose

Her head is being turned by blue suede shoes

Does that mean my esteem is all shook up?

I dreamt a dream, a horror of horrors

I’m in a jacuzzi with Nadine Dorries

Kissing and fondling, glistening wet

Smoking crack and snorting Sinemet

Does that mean I should be sectioned?

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1 Comment

This made me smile. It’s great to bring humour to the madness.

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