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Floating on a breeze By the water’s side Gossamer wings Unfurled out wide Glistening in the glow Of the sun’s rays Rainbow waves Brighten our days Darting on a whim As a passing thought Dragonfly dreams Something and nought Skimming 'cross the pool Stealing welcome sips Nature's nectar Kissing her lips Calming with the sun Settles for the night Precious moments Locked up tight GCP 24

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I have done a lot of canoe in southern France and one of my favourite things to do was watch the bright blue dragon flies. I was right back there with this poem. Thank you


Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Jan 17

I now have an image of myself alone with a 'sundowner', listening to a crooner from the past, the clapping from far away, as a batsman hits a six


Unknown member
Jan 16


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