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Count my Blessings

I shall count my blessings,

On my fingers and toes,

Will I get to twenty?

I'll give it a go.

I have my 'health',

Well that's an immediate fail,

Not a good start,

I should go straight to jail.

We'll call that a false start,

And speak no more of it,

I shall try and think of twenty reasons,

why my life is not shit.

Kids and friends

Tv, reclining chair

oh yes and I still have

All my own hair

I have a roof over my head

When I sleep I still dream

And I have hidden in the cupboard,

a Fry's Chocolate Cream.

I have memories of good times,

Before I had PD,

And I will continue to have good times,

Afterall I am still me.

I like to be silly and weird,

Tell rubbish jokes,

Drink gin, eat chocolate,

Maybe one day I'll try and smoke.

Fifteen done,

Okay another five,

When I karaoke and dance,

It feels good to be alive.

Parkinson's has given me,

New friends who understand,

They never tilt their head,

But they do hold my hand.

So, I think that's twenty,

Well, there's certainly enough,

I'll go find that Fry's Chocolate Cream,

I'm no longer in a huff.

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