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Coronation Street Parties (not just for Rovers)

Coronation Street Parties (not just for Rovers)

Street parties still to plan where is the bunting?

Hope last minute arrangements not found wanting

To celebrate King Charles destiny on the throne

We have rock cakes Granny has made stones of scone

He will be the third King Charles a Monarch will start his reign

His crown not waterproof so hope it does not rrain

Hope they have got headgear from Crown jewels ready to view

Military will come marching in May the forces are with you

Music playlist chosen by the king with a little less conversation

Anthem by Andrew Lloyd Webber will resound across the nation

They are the champions King Charles and Camilla his queen

Ceremony will be broadcast and shown on the big screen

6 May Westminster Abbey when we are ready with this thing

Hope after all the planning it proves to be Coronation fit for a king

Only 3 weeks to the Coronation. Anybody know whats going on? Coronation Street Parties (not just for Rovers)


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