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Center of universe


so proud of my activities, work, children, shopping, ironing, cooking...


so efficient and so fast!


why doesn't my right arm swing?

It will be because of my heavy bag…

I always carry it like this!


I remember... Parkinson... this is a typical symptom...

I know it well, my mother had it!

So in that single moment everything began to change.

The beginning of the end, of MY end!!

My whole future looks so different than I imagined.

Several fears take me

I fear disability and dementia,

I fear losing my independence,

I don't want to be a burden to my family,

I would like to help myself and );others.

And … And I wonder: why?

Then I realized,

I must question “why not?”v

Who am I to be exent of sickness and soffering?

I take part of this world…

Now it’s my shift…

I know what to do,

I have strength and faith

I get and give love from my family…

I had so many good things in my life

I cannot keep asking “Why me?”

I have to ask.. “Why another one?”

I am not centre of universe….just only a little ant…x

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