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About Time

Updated: Jan 15

About time you subscribed to my time zone

Unless you wish to exist on your own

I’ll be a time traveller

Unravelling history

I haven’t quite figured it out yet

It’s still a mystery

I’ll be a tick tocking clock

A disgrace of a face

Not a grandmother or father

Rather just my head

Chiming every 15 minutes with my pendulum of lead

Time meaningless

Minutes and hours

A flower won’t blossom if you watch it

But we know it grows

It’s just too slow

Watch maker

History is just a second behind me

And remembering what’s gone before

Is how we could honour time more

For every mistake has already been made by men

Time and time and time again

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Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Jan 16

What I like about this Liz is that every few seconds you hit a gem! Watchmaker History, disgrace of a face, honouring time more, each I admit , I rolled over, but! immediately had a hang on a second moment, to let thought pew forth!


Unknown member
Jan 15

Some great lines in there - Its about time - can be read multiple ways. Good work

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