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A Poyum Aboot Ma Lang Toon Lass (Love Trilogy Pert Three)

A Poyum Aboot Ma Lang Toon Lass

A lassie cawed Dawn fae Fife

Am blessed tae hae as ma wife

Noo the han she’s tacken

Is never dun shackin

An juggles a fork an a knife


A promise in sickness an health

Sworth mare than money or wealth

Life is naw a free lunch

Gotta ride every punch

An in the mirror you’ll ken yer best self

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Very clever. I want to hear you say it now

Replying to


Aye The KIngdom of Fife, spent a lot of time in Kercody ( phonetic ) when living in Edinburgh. Clever little poem, inspires me to try and write one in cockney slang !


Living near Glasgow for the past 4 years I can finally understand what you're saying. Great poem

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