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A Chance Encounter

She says, “You’re looking well”

Inside my mind I check myself out:


I forget what I heard five minutes ago

I can’t recall things that I used to know

Anxiety, apathy, doubt, indecision

Compulsive behaviour, paranoia, depression

The nightmares, insomnia, hallucinations

The stiffness, the slowness, erectile dysfunction

The shaking and twitching, severe constipation

The words I forget and the lost concentration


I tell her… “Oh you know,

I have good days and bad days”

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3 comentarios

I think that's my most used phrase. But in their defence before I had PD I knew very little about it. Onwards and upwards, hope you're having a good day

Me gusta

I just imagine myself kicking them in the shins.

Me gusta

Don’t worry Martin- in my experience they’ve usually stopped listening by then anyway.

Me gusta
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