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Work from Home Pilot

Dark remains as the alarm screams Automatic pilot lands you in the bathroom As you sit you can feel the turbulence. In your head the Captain announces Its going to be a bumpy ride.

Another dawn another dose Swallow the tablets swallow the day Boil the kettle to wash down with tea Anxiety acid reflux of daily concern Restless night recalled with a yawn

Breakfasts customary checks complete Dress for work, work from home Fuelled and ready to taxi to the runway Flightpath to the other side of the room Medication control permission to fly.

Not yet boarded by boredom Homogenous routine works In isolation with fingers crossed Password to a cyber connection Engines engaged ready to take off

Hello, unseen welcomed by gif Animated interactions with cabin crew Handshakes replaced by thumbs up Emotions reduced to emojis Unmasked and unseen but monitored

Art of conversation, unheard until Landline rings with falsehood Scams voice reads from a script Hijacker permission to board refused Finances fly solo without concord

Time flies towards final destination Altitude of the high flyer descends Landing carriage released on approach Lap top wings down the runway Slowing to a halt before shutdown.

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