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Woman's World

This a mans world

James Brown sang

This is a mans world

And then he qualified

But it would be nothing, nothing

Without a woman or a girl

James brown had soul

But too many of mankind

Forget second syllable

In the name should define

Our behaviour to others

To sisters as well as brothers

Misogyny and control

Rape and violence, where’s your soul?

Stalking and intimidation

Abuse and murder across the nation

Lost in the wilderness

Lost in bitterness

Enveloped as second class male

Posted everywhere continue to fail

This is a man’s world

Why are we insecure?

This is a man’s world

Why can’t we find the cure?

This is a man’s, man’s, man’s world

But it don’t mean nothing without women and girls.

Wisdom found in the classic soul

We must apply and fill the hole

It is time to create the spark

To take us all out of the dark

It should a woman’s and a mans world

Equality for both boy and girl

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