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Will we ever see their like again

Wing wizards that could chase away the rain

Didn't matter if they were large or small

As long as they knew how to move the ball

They were always sent to entertain

Way back in the 30s saw England blessed

With three lions, of the very best

Their skills upon the old leather ball

Puts them at the top of the tree

You will not find better than Mannion, Matthews and Finney

Poor Wilf he rarely got to play

With Matthews and Finney in the team

No substitutes were the order of the day

So the man from Boro could only dream

Of playing out on the turf of Wembley

Finney, was his generations best

Wherever he played he past the test

He holds a record that will stand

For positions that he played for England

Listen to the list, then tell me

What his current transfer fee would be

Centre Forward, and wings both left and right

And inside right and left he played real nice

So how much would you spend

To take him from Preston North End?

One in a generation comes a man

To inspire and change the world he sees

That was the fate of His Highness Sir Stan

After him nothing could ever be the same

Schoolboys would imitate his moves

All trying to perfect ‘a Matthew’s’ turn

And the FA Cup Final will rarely repeat the groove

Seen at the Blackpool v Bolton Final,

Listen and learn

Lofthouse put in for Bolton within two

Mortensen levelled with his first

Moir and Bell made Bolton lead

Reduced by Mortensen again so now 3-2

The minutes ticking by, felt like an hour

Two minutes left and nothing seemed likely to change

The engraver preparing to etch Bolton’s name

Then two attacks by Matthews charged it all

First cross saw a hattrick for the Blackpool striker

And now with two minutes added time being played

Stan Matthews put the ball, Perry caused the net to squall

To Blackpool was the journey the Cup made

Matthews was the first player to get

A boot deal changing the football world

After 30 years playing at the top

He retired, and he quoted no regrets

But many said he made that move too soon

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