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Wimple Justice

Wimple Justice

Pull that skirt down, Sr Appolonia said,

Marching to the beat of Gods' drum.

Cover your knees and button that blouse,

You look like you forgot where you came from.

Oh no Sr, I know from where I hail,

It's just your beliefs go way beyond the Pale.

You've forgone all the fun for your marriage to The One.

Now you take it out on the young who tempt and beguile

Any man with a weakness for ingenues with little style.

You walk around with your wimple askew

Looking for wrongdoing, according to you.

When you hone in on the one who enjoys life to the full,

Jobs only completed when her light becomes dull.

What made you so cruel, vexed and hard?

I'm sure that wasn't Gods plan when you signed up at the start.

Go back now and reread the Good Book

and find out how true Christians treat their charges.

Then ask for forgiveness from all that you've scarred

I doubt they'll accept it, It's way too late for that.

But maybe, just maybe you've learnt a good lesson

Gods words are for good and not used as your diktat.

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