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Why won’t love behave?

why won’t love behave?

it finds you your soulmate

it makes every bit of you

feel wide awake

your cheerleader your wingman

invincible you can wether all storms

one become two

making a whole

confusing misunderstood

love can become jealous

and turn red hearts green

insecure it can be mean

dissatisfied it seeks out others

love can make a lot of trouble

selfish it tells lies

unforgiving it takes revenge

high maintenance it can tire you out

squabbles and arguments

shouts and cries

you wonder what

love is all about

as you loose sleep

can’t eat

live with live without

when you know

love is right for you

keep it in bloom

tender care and attention

alway first never last

take it for granted

and it won’t last

love won’t behave.

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