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Who Have I Become?


When being diagnosed with PD it does not only affect the patient, but also their beloved ones. Emspecially the partners are facing similar challenges - financially and emotionally - and it is not necessarily easy to stay strong as a couple. This poem is about the complicated battle a partner of a PD patient is fighting.

In your eyes the emptiness of unfulfilled dreams

The disappointment of the unrealised fantasies of your childhood

The rage over missed opportunities and wasted attempts

The idea of you that did not become reality.

Who did you want to be?

Who have you become?

Why does this discrepancy exist?

Is it real or only in your head?

In your heart the pain of unshed tears

The agony of endless realisations

The praying for a quick end to your torment

Struggling with your own role and failure

Who are you?

And who do you want to be?

Why don't you take the helm?

Where are you going then?

In your fist the concentrated frustration of injustice

Your hatred, which is squeezing the throat of love

Your shame for relentless screaming and raging

And the condemnation of your own injury

Who will you be one day?

Where does courage come from?

Believe me: change is always good!

What can you become?

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