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When the Scent Went

Baking bread, my garden shed, sage, thyme, and rosemary

Sunday roast, morning toast, someone lying next to me

New mown grass, polished brass, fresh rainfall in a gutter

Christmas trees, the summer breeze, hot cross buns with butter

A barbecue, a leather shoe, fresh lemon in your gin

A splash of Brut, ripened fruit, a newborn baby’s skin

Wet dog, egg nog, fried sausages and bacon

Warm farts, body parts, and lovers’ perspiration

Sweaty feet, rancid meat, burnt milk and boiled cabbage

Blocked drains, crowded trains, that corner of the garage

Burger bars, diesel cars, decomposing roses

Men’s loos, dogs’ poohs, public halitosis

Good smells, bad smells, spicy, sweet or rotten

A thousand nasal memories all gone but not forgotten

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