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When I nearly died - a sad poem

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

I rushed away in that train

through thunder, lightning and heavy rain

loud and scary sound

all the music I ever found

all the talking and shouting

all the new and exciting

all the joy and laughter

all dreams I was ever after

all the love and understanding

all the guilt and payments pending

I left all that at the gate

shed no tear and followed fate.

And when the train after fullspeed driving

stopped and was arriving

at a central station

of a place called "Heaven"

I began to understand

that this was the end

a peaceful landing for sure

no sound or being to occur

just me and a thick white cloud

no one questioning what it was about

no thinking or talking

just knowing and walking

a long road down to the gate

shed no tear and followed fate.

The train's horn made clear

train will leave and I stay here

I didn't question as i said before

when I heard them close the doors

I moved on and let them go

all and everyone I had ever known

BUT then all of a sudden

I knew what I had forgotten:

She would find my body!

She would scream and ask for Mommy

I could not

would not

never ever

I left the place, jumped on the train at gate

shed no tear and followed fate.

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Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
2022년 12월 31일

What a beautiful but powerful poem. It's love that tethers us to the earth that's for sure.Thank you Rina

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