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What Is Hope?

We whisper it in prayers -

Are they listening?

We offer it as comfort -

Is it helping?

We write in a card -

To give it meaning.

As if it’s is something real -

Are we dreaming?

is hope a wish, a whim,

is hope a flight of fancy,

is hope - romantic notion,

is hope - the gift, we can’t see?

Hope is nothing tangible,

it’s not a thing to give away,

hope does not exist

within the platitudes we say -

so what is hope?

hope is bruises

hope is blood,

hope is crawling on all fours

hope is picking your self up

hope is fighting for what’s yours

hope is laughing at your troubles

hope is facing all your fears

hope is looking in the mirror

hope is wiping away tears

hope is looking at your half filled cup

and saying that it’s full

hope is all you are,

hope is an iron will.

Hope is what we offer

when there is nothing left to give

but we already have it

when we don’t give in, but choose to live.

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