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Way Too Hot for Me!

The man lay in his final bed Body cold as ice All that knew him, around the world Heard he had paid the final price He had entertained the masses For sixty years and more Just playing his piano And making all adore So off he went, to the Pearly Gates To start another show St Peter said ‘Hold on there, wait!’ Your name I have to know’ Our man just started laughing Despite the queue behind He hadn't been asked for his name For such a long, long time

Son, I will tell you politely Because it's understood My name is the Killer And I sure do it good Looking at his list of names Those unknown, or those famed And said to our man with wrinkled brow ‘No Killers allowed in here Try Downstairs, and ask for Nick Down to the vaults of Demons he went For those who failed to ever repent Old Nick was waiting, just to see The expected arrival of Jerry Lee Then, much to Jerry Lee’s surprise The door was closed, just as he arrived Can’t take you in, you're soul is free You are way too hot for me!

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