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Updated: Feb 6

Sitting on a park bench, licking my wounded pride

Just viewed a web page of the hood where I grew up

In every photo, I was marked as unidentified

Even “what’s-his-name” was ID’ed in a photo in a pub.

Being shy and mousy, my goal in school was to hide.

Not letting anyone inside.

In that regard, I was a success, I guess.

Breathing deeply to calm myself,

a scrap of paper floated above my lap.

I slammed my hand on the paper so it couldn’t budge.

Was this a note from God? I’ve been known to be a

gullible sap.

I’ll tell you more and let you be the judge.

Two words, “I Will,” were written at the top.

Did the words mean make a list of new year resolutions

That will satisfy my need for retribution.

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