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UK Eurovision Chronicle(I wrote a poem)

UK Eurovision Chronicle(I wrote a poem)

Sandies Shaw footed rendition

Animates the puppets strings

Pulling the points baring her soles

Showing a clean pair of heels

Congratulations were due in 68

But Cliff could only supply seconds

With a UK number one

In the shadows of Spanish winner

After “To Sir with love,”Scot free

With a lulu of a voice

She went Boom Bang a Bang

Tied in a four way 69

Those were the days in 1970

Seconded by Mary Hopkin

But knock knock whos there

Answered by Dana

In 1972 New seekers two

Would Beg steal or borrow

Unable to provide Eurovision

To teach the world to sing

Emerging from the shadows

With a vocal plea in 75I

To let me be the one

Beaten by Ding a dong

A Brotherhood of man

Saved their kisses in 76

Drowned in Oceans of love

Revived to beat Coco

In 77 UK reached Rock Bottom

Lynsey de Paul and Mike Moran

Writer and singer combined

For female first but came second

In 81 skirting the issue

Of a song for Europe

Making their mind up

Bucks Fizz sparkled to win

Go to number two in 88

Scot Fitzgerald a point short

Live Report in 89

Why do I always get it wrong

Runners up continued in 92

Michael all One step out of time

Liver bird Sonia in 93 in her eyes

Better was the Irish entry you know

Ooh ah just a little bit

Needed a little bit more

Gee Gina’s number one

Peaked at 8 in 96

Victory, Katrina ruled the waves

Walking on sunshine in 97

Love shining a light

On UKs fifth winner

Imaani Saleem in 98

Asked “Where are you?”

Her song for Europe was answered

Behind Dana International

Years past and three came last

Jemini, Andy Abrahams Josh Dubovi

Cry baby nul points

2003 record low

2012 UK got the Humperdink

Still felt Blue after they can’t

Love did not set free

Perhaps still holding out for a hero

Bonnie we believed in you

Children of the Universe

Still in love with you, you’re not alone

Never give up on you

The storm as contest

Proved bigger than us

My last breath fanned

The embers of nul points

2022 Spaceman rose like a phoenix

Voice soared as Sam Ryder of the guitar

Broadcast his good nature

The winner who came second

Mae Muller wrote a song

To sing in Liverpool 2023

Ukraine party UK host

Last on stage before destiny

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4 Kommentare

Alison Blevins
Alison Blevins
25. Mai 2023

Nice work Jon.

Gefällt mir

Jon Best
Jon Best
15. Mai 2023

Thank you Martin and Dawson

I wrote it as I watched withe company of wikipedia

Gefällt mir

Dawson Stafford
Dawson Stafford
15. Mai 2023

I love this one! well done sir.🤓

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
15. Mai 2023

Nice one Jon. I really enjoyed Eurovision this year

Gefällt mir
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