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Trying to befriend PD…

I’m trying to befriend this disease and so far it’s like when I tried to feel compassion for the class bully at high schooL - awkward, contrived yet genuine as well. When the bully picked on me again I wasn’t mature enough to ‘feel his pain’…it was just my pain that I felt. But after discovering rugby - and a few months to grow- I saw off the bully myself. That probably doesn’t apply here and no cavalry charge will save me. I’m vulnerable, isolated and frightened...perhaps we all are. But I would rather relate to PD than ostracise something that is already part of me. For me gratitude may be the way. I’m grateful that PD has actually helped me become the person I wanted to become - but I didn’t know. I am sad to have to face it but pleased that this has all led me to more of my deeper, or true self, whatever that means. In particular I am delighted that I am now a ‘young’ poet. I’m only just beginning but I love it and it fills my days, and nights, with curiosity, satisfaction and enjoyment. And my book of haiku, senryu and other short poems ‘Busted - Reflections on Police Life’ has just been published by Red Moon Press. Stella Pierides, who is also profiled on this site wrote the introduction to Busted. Robert Epstein wrote the foreword and Alan Summers the cover blurb. I am honoured. They are all poets I admire.


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